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We review the popular encryption browser extension.

Despite what the name might suggest HTTPS Everywhere isn’t exactly everywhere, but it’s pretty close.

HTTPS Everywhere is an extension available for many of the world’s major browsers, including Firefox, Opera, and Chrome that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure.

Secure browsing just by adding an extension?

Today I’ll be mostly focusing on the Chrome extension.

Now, that said, there is little difference if any, on whatever browser you choose to use HTTPS Everywhere with, as long as it is supported.

What HTTPS Everywhere is not, is a browser in it’s own right. Essentially, you add it to your current browser, and increase your security when browsing, automatically. The big advantage of adding HTTPS Everywhere to your current browser is that doing so is literally hassle free and nothing changes.

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Because you’re not installing a new browser from scratch, things like your bookmarks, passwords, favorites and other customization remain unaffected, and you can continue browsing as you would normally.

The EEF and Tor

HTTPS Everywhere is an Electronic Frontiers Foundation (EEF) and Tor project that automatically enforces secure connections by using SSL security wherever and whenever it can. (Basically, HTTPS is a much securer connection than HTTP.)

Now yes, it’s possible to make sure web pages default to using secure SSL connections yourself, but it can be an awkward thing to have to remember to do. It can also be quite hit and miss, because a lot of websites out there may well start you out on the HTTPS protocol, but often ship you back to an ordinary unsecured HTTP page without you realizing. It happens way more often than you may think.

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So if I use HTTPS Everywhere I’ll be protected wherever I roam on the internet? Are there any downsides?

No. Yes.

HTTPS Everywhere does work splendidly away in the background and doesn’t interrupt you to make any adjustments, and the HTTPS Everywhere extension does increase your overall security your security during browsing, but it isn’t perfect. That’s because not all websites actually support HTTPS in any form.

If a website doesn’t use HTTPS, then HTTPS Everywhere can’t help you. There’s also the fact that it is another extension at the end of the day, but it is small and wont affect performance, and is in my opinion anyway, one of the essential extensions for your browser.

The best thing about HTTPS Everywhere is the fact it’s free, and you can download it safely and securely here from Happy browsing!

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